Sunday, November 3, 2013

Surrealism: October's Featured Art Movement

In October students looked at Surrealism as the monthly Art History movement.  Students were shown artwork by Paul Klee, Henri Matisse and Salvidor Dali to get an understanding of what Surrealism was all about.  Dreams and dreamlike imagery filled their artwork.  Strange, unusual and unexplainable are words used to describe the things happening in Surrealists artwork.  Our students used words like cool, weird and wow to describe what they saw in the art.  We first set out to do a Paul Klee inspired piece.  Paul Klee loved color and filled his artwork with a lot of color.  Our students first created their background by overlapping tissue paper and watery glue to create a stained glass look.

Once they were set out and dry students had a choice of multiple media to draw a Surrealistic scene on top of their paper.

Some students chose to draw a creature like Sierra and Kerys.

Others, like Jaycee, drew a scene with objects in strange placements, such as fish in the grass or heart shaped clouds. 

Addison and Jolea drew portraits as Paul Klee did, using his artwork as their example.

The kids did a great job and tried their best to work with the materials.  It was a good lesson in trying to make your product look good even when the material is hard to work with.  I was very proud of their awesome attitudes.  All the students did great!