Monday, October 7, 2013

Andy Warhol: Print it up!!

The later part of September we finished up our Pop Art unit by talking about Andy Warhol.  Warhol, along with many other Pop artists used repetition in many of his works.  We talked about Andy and his many prints and then set out to make a few prints of our own.  Students worked with styrofoam and carved designs they created.  Some went to food items like Warhol while others went for their favorite sport or geographical location.

Example of planned drawing and styrofoam plate, gouged out and ready for printing.

Students rolled ink on a smooth surface with a rubber brayer.

Then they rolled the brayer over their printing plate in order to fully coat it for printing.


The paper was placed on top of the printing plate to transfer the image after putting a small amount of pressure and rubbing in a circular motion.

Students pulled four separate prints and organized them on their background page.

DJ's Cupcakes

Paige's Hamburger 

Gabby's Sundae

Pop Art prints were really fun and students were super excited to try a new method with new materials. Students are currently working with Surrealism as the monthly art history movement.  We are looking forward to seeing what dreamy images the kids come up with this month!

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