Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pop Art! Romero Britto Inspired....

The begining of September has gone off with a bang and we are learning about Pop Art.  The two featured artists this month are Romero Britto and Andy Warhol.  We started with Romero Britto and his amazing color and pattern filled artwork.  Students were to create an image, break up the negative space with lines (that created shapes) and fill each shape with a pattern.  They had a great time getting started and seeing Britto's work.

Students created their lines in pencil and then went over them with Sharpie for definition.  Patterns were then added with crayon.  

Once all the patterns were added we went back with Crayola markers and bordered each section.  Then it was time to add the water!  It was a wax resist situation with the crayon and water, which is basically the concept that wax and water don't mix.  The crayon repels the water so you end up with two color rich areas with the crayon and color added with marker.  As the water was added to the outlined marker the color bled out and created a value rich piece.  

This is one of my favorite techniques to use with Crayola markers.  Add in crayons and the process of wax resist and it makes for a very fun project.  The kids really enjoyed seeing the crayon "push away" the color from the markers and water.  The images below are a sampling of our students this semester.  They really are color rich and have a Britto inspired feel.  

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